Meet Our Students

Student Highlight: Joshua Corn

Brenda_Levin“Chinese medicine includes the spiritual components that I seek in my own healing and also offers the potential for a lifetime of personal and professional growth. Studying Chinese herbs and formulas provides me the benefit of a greater understanding of Chinese physiology and pathology—which will allow me to better help patients.”

~Brenda Levin, NUNM Classical Chinese Medicine Program and Nutrition Program

Cory_Szbala“When I first heard about NUNM I was skeptical, but soon realized that naturopathic medicine and the ND program were exactly what I had been looking for: true preventive primary care. I am passionate about integrating natural medicine, including botanicals, into the primary care model.”

~Cory Szybala, NUNM Naturopathic Medicine Program

Caitlen_Readhead“After going to a naturopathic doctor, I became interested in the mind-body connection and treating the whole person. I looked into NUNM’s degree programs and they were almost too perfect a fit! This education has opened the doors to many career opportunities. I also appreciate the sense of caring and enthusiasm among students and faculty.”

~Caitlan Readhead, NUNM Naturopathic Medicine Program, Integrative Medicine Research and Nutrition Program