When do I register for courses?
NUNM will automatically register you in required first year courses for your program beginning in mid-late July. You will learn more about and register for electives during orientation. In addition, you may try to change lab sections to times that may better fit your needs at orientation.

When will I receive a book list?
Once you are registered, you will gain access to booklists via SONIS (the student information system).

When will I receive my residual check from my financial aid?
It is the goal of the Business office to have the first initial batch of credit balance refund checks handed out to the students on the first day of classes. Any credit balance refund checks not picked up on the first day will be placed in the students’ mail box the following day.

Please note: refund checks resulting from late applications for financial aid will not be released to the student until 3 – 5 days after the business office has been advised of these available funds.

Does NUNM offer student housing?
No, unfortunately NUNM does not have campus housing at this time. The majority of our students secure housing prior to orientation, and current students and other new students provide additional resources.

While I want to attend this coming term, my situation has changed. What can I do?
Talk to your Admissions Counselor as we can work with you to resolve the issue. If necessary, we can discuss deferring to the next start term.

I now want to add a degree program. What can I do?
Talk to your Admissions Counselor as we can discuss your options and what is possible in your current timeline.

Where do I park on campus?
NUNM has a parking lottery that you can enter during orientation. If you are selected to have a parking pass you can park in a number of parking lots on campus (in spots not assigned to visitors or staff/faculty). If you are not selected you can purchase day passes to park or there is two hour street parking. During orientation and the first week of school parking permits are not needed.

Do I have to have the student health insurance?
NUNM does not offer a health insurance plan, nor does the school ask for proof of insurance. NUNM, however, does have resources for students seeking to purchase their own health insurance.

Do I have to be tested for TB? 
NUNM policy, Oregon State law and the guidelines of OSHA and the CDC require that all NUNM students participate in tuberculosis surveillance. Incoming students, transfer students, and students returning after leave of absence of more than one year are required to have a QuantiFERON Gold in-tube TB blood test.