General Information

Primary Program


Are you a United States Citizen?
Are you transferring from another Chinese medicine or Naturopathic medical school?
Do you have one of the following degrees: ND, DC, MD, DO, DDS, or DPM.
Have you ever served in the armed forces?
Have you ever been charged, convicted, or forfeited bond or bail in any court proceeding of a criminal nature including major traffic offenses and records that have been cleared, dismissed, or expunged?
Have you ever been dismissed from, suspended by, or subjected to disciplinary sanctions or reprimands of any kind by any school, college, university, or medical school?
Have you ever been denied an initial professional license or request for renewal, or have you had an existing license suspended or revoked by any licensing authority?
Do you plan to apply for federal financial aid?
I attest that I have read, understand, and acknowledge that I meet the technical standards as set forth in NUNM's course catalog.