A Message from Our President

Dr. David J. Schleich

… We’ve been waiting for you. In fact, we’ve been expecting you. Thank you for visiting our web site and seeking information to satisfy your curiosity about natural medicine. It’s splendid that you found your way to NUNM and we want to get to know you with the same curiosity, focus and purpose as you want to get to know us.

I suspect that you have a fervor for health reform and that you are in learning mode! Eventually, you may explore how to help heal those compulsions in our world which deplete, distort, and desecrate, our healthcare systems and our environment. In fact, if we were able to get behind your eyes to look out, I imagine we would see your conviction and your tenacity.

So read on! Explore this website and drink in the amazing possibilities of natural medicine as a career.

We’ve been preparing for you for a long time. NUNM is the parent school of naturopathic medicine in North America. It is also the university where you’ll find the premium classical Chinese medicine program on this continent, if I do say so myself. You’ll find some of the most experienced teachers and clinicians focused on natural medicine in the United States and Canada. Our history is filled with remarkable personalities and landmark developments in medical education, both classroom and clinical. Our library has a special collections room which will awe you. Day to day life at NUNM is rich and focused.

We aim to produce the highest possible blend of classroom and clinical education, with cumulative content to propel our new doctors confidently into the complex landscape of primary care. We won’t stop there. We will be here for you after you’ve finished your program, providing you with high end continuing medical education and credential enhancing programming throughout your career. We will continue to advocate for the extraordinary presence of the vis medicatrix naturae…the healing power of nature…in patient care.

We want you to come back again and again to your professional home and feel welcome, to feel professionally and philosophically nourished, and to feel inspired by the momentum of lifelong learning.

We are committed to getting to know a lot about where you are located in a vital continuum of personal and professional growth. Our goal is to be as much at your side at the moment you register, as at the moment you walk across the stage at commencement, or at the moment you open your first practice.

If you’re ready to contribute to the complex, important, wonderful journey of becoming a naturopathic doctor or a classical Chinese medicine practitioner, if you want to be part of health reform in America and Canada, making contributions to address desperately important issues like obesity, heart disease or cancer, along with environmental deterioration and the accumulating consequences of poor agricultural practices and improper nutrition, then NUNM is ready for you.

So please, go ahead and explore! Savor all the nooks and crannies of this website. Contact us if you have any questions. It’s not only about the degrees you can earn here; it’s not only about our being accredited. It’s about a very special life journey which is here for you to begin. Be part of creating the future of health care. We believe in you. We promise to earn your belief in us.

Yours in health,
David J. Schleich, PhD
National University of Natural Medicine