Checking in with Dr. Angela Senders: Master of Science in Integrative Mental Health

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How am I feeling?

I’m so excited about this new offering. Many NDs and Chinese medicine providers choose to focus on mental health in their practice, and until now, we’ve had to cobble together post-graduate trainings and seminars in order to tailor our practices to mental health concerns. With this program, students will learn skills while they are in school that will allow them to delve deep into this subject area and create a truly integrative, personalized approach to care.

What makes this program different from other programs?

NCNM is offering a unique program in integrative mental health. We have blended the most advanced integrative therapies with didactic skills in diagnosis, assessment and evaluation for a truly comprehensive curriculum. There are no counseling programs that also teach mindfulness-based therapies, body-based psychotherapies, nutritional therapies, integrative psychopharmacology and interpersonal neurobiology. Moreover, this is an active, experiential program. We want students to explore their own personal psyche and to use their own psychological material as a basis for learning how to work with clients. This is a cohort-based program so students who start together move through the curriculum as a group. Many courses are delivered in a weekend format allowing sufficient time and a safe space for deep exploration and processing. Throughout this process, students will have ample opportunity to practice new psychotherapeutic techniques as they support one another in self-exploration. Group supervision is built into both programs, and students will work closely with mentors to conceptualize and manage cases, practice skills, and continually reflect on their own experience and growth as a practitioner.

Physician, know thyself. We believe that the more healing work you’ve done, the more you can do with others. Students who are self-aware, open to managing potentially challenging feedback, and ready to engage in an active process of self-exploration will love this program.

To find out more visit the MSiMH program page.

Post written by Dr. Angela Senders, Chair of MSiMH program