MSiSM Prerequisites

All candidates must possess a bachelor’s degree or higher from a regionally accredited college or university, or the equivalent (as determined by NUNM) from an institution outside the United States. No specific major is required and there is no advantage to having a bachelor of art or bachelor of science degree. Applicants may apply with coursework in progress.

For fall 2017, applicants must apply concurrently with the ND or CCM program, or be a current ND/CCM student at NUNM. The MSiSM program will accept standalone degree applicants for fall 2018.

The below prerequisites are required to matriculate with a grade of C or better.

Course Prerequisites

Anatomy and Physiology – 2 courses

Biology – 1 course

Biochemistry – 1 course

Social Science – 1 course
Sociology or psychology, or human behavior in the social environment

Math – 1 course

Genetics (optional) – 1 course


Overall 3.0 or higher, prerequisite GPA 3.2.

Note: All biology and chemistry science coursework and labs must be taken in a physical classroom and laboratory, unless previously approved, and may be taken at a community college. Please refer to acceptable online coursework for other pre-requisites.

If in doubt about a specific prerequisite, contact the Office of Admissions before taking the course.